Class Descriptions

LED PRIMARY SERIES - A group led class in which the postures of the full or half primary of the Ashtanga Yoga sequence are enumerated. Practitioners are led through Sun Salutations to warm the body and develop stamina; standing postures to develop balance; sitting postures to open hips, strengthen forward folding and develop spinal flexibility; back bending; plus a closing sequence with inversions to improve circulation and cool the body.

Note: Once the sequence has begun practitioners are lead non-stop through about 75 minutes of asana practice and the flow of the class is not interrupted. You must also be prepared to sweat. The only real requirements to participation is desire, a sense of adventure and the willingness to connect with the transforming power of your breath.

MYSORE ASHTANGA - This is the traditional manner in which Ashtanga Yoga is taught in Mysore, India at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. An assisted self practice in which students are taught the Ashtanga Yoga Series individually with hands-on adjustments and verbal instruction from the teacher. This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioner from beginner to advanced.

Primary Series

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