About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to share the art of unity with the world. Yoga (asana) postures in combination with the correct breathing and movement (vinyasa) have a powerful, transformative effect which results in the union of mind (consciousness) and body (matter). By coming together to practice we extend that unity from mind to body to one another creating a ripple effect of integration for humanity as a whole. First let us create harmony within oneselves and perhaps then we can find peace among one another. As long I am in conflict with myself I will be in conflict with the world. Ashtanga yoga has created a cease-fire within me. It has given me peace and confidence from my cerebral cortex to my skin. This peace has allowed me to see my fellow man, animals and the earth itself as my extended family. Lives are all connected my brothers and sisters. Lets practice so we don’t forget!


Om shanti shanti shanti. - P.J. Heffernan 2009